William Penn Memorial Fire Tower

The ravages of time 2014

new window rusty steel landing rusty steps

It has been over a decade since the major restoration work was completed on the fire tower. In the mean time the ravages of time are slowly taking a toll. Due to the stone construction, the interior of the tower is perpetually damp. That and the fact that the doors on the observation deck leak when there is wind blown rain, have caused a gradual return of the rust that destroyed the original steel steps.

Three of the observation deck doors have been replaced by windows. This improvment has reduced the amount of water seeping into the tower, but it is still damp inside and as everybody knows, rust never sleeps. As you can see from the images presented here, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to mitigate this problem. Lots of sanding, scraping, priming and painting. Needless to say, this sort of work costs lots of money.

Given the dire financial situation in both the City of Reading and the State of Pennsylvania, we can't expect any financial help from either. Our only potential source of funds is the community. That said, Pagoda Skyline Inc. would really appreciate it if you would click on one of the donate buttons that appear on every page of our web site, and make a donation. No donation is too small, even $1 would help.


  rusty steps rusty steps rusty steps


rusty steps rusty steps rusty steps


rusty steps


rusty steps rusty steps

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